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These guidelines and teaching units are in evolution. They are intended for use by the residents, fellows, and faculty of Stanford University Anesthesia and the Packard Children's Hospital. If you are not affiliated with these centers, you may download these materials for your own use or for teaching purposes. This content is copyrighted by the authors; you may reproduce each syllabus in whole for use in teaching, but must obtain the written permission of the authors prior to excerpting a syllabus in another electronic or print medium. All reproductions should acknowledge the source URL.
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Rotation Orientation


Orientation Information OR Layout
Pediatric Anesthesia Basics (PPT)NEW What is IPASS?
Goals and Objectives iGuide download instructionsNEW



Preoperative Evaluation Ambulatory Anesthesia
MRI Anesthesia in Remote Locations
TIVA Ocular Lubricants and Head & Neck Surgery


2010 AHA Guideline Changes Neonatal Resuscitation: AHA 2010 Guidelines
Pediatric BLS: AHA 2010 Guidelines Pediatric ALS: AHA 2010 Guidelines
2013 Pediatric Perioperative Life SupportNEW  

Complex Pediatric Cases


Congenital Heart Disease


Patients with Mitochondrial Disease



Pediatric Difficult Airways


Spinal Fusions

Thoracic Surgery and Lung Isolation Epidermolysis Bullosa
The Child with Diabetes The Child with DKA
Critical Airway Transport to PICU

Organ Transplant Anesthesia

Liver Transplant
Kidney Transplant

Regional Anesthesia and Pain Management

Rotation Guidelines for Pain Management Regional Anesthesia
Pain Management Ketamine Infusions for Pain Management
Unconventional Analgesics Reprogramming the Stryker Pain Pump

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